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Zoo2 8-oz Live Zooplankton Copepods

Zoo2 8-oz Live Zooplankton Copepods

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LIVE tropical species of copepods. Aqua-Tech CO. brings you three species of copepods for your reef aquarium. Supercharge your "pod" Population with Living, breeding egg carrying specimens.

ZOO2 comes from our laboratory in 8 oz. and limited 16 oz. jars designed to offer a wide surface area for specimens to thrive during transport. Captively cultured vs. collecting from wild populations assures parasitic free specimens. Available in Tisbe sp., Psuedocyclops sp. and non-tropical Tigriopus californicus. Fed a regimen of nutritious micro algaes and enrichment protocols, our Zooplankton arrive healthy and ready to reproduce in your aquarium and refugium

Add bio-diversity!

Finally an opportunity to add living, thriving tropical copepods to your aquarium and refugium! ZOO2 is the first of its kind, offering species specific, retail available, tropical zooplankton. Introduced in 2005, ZOO2 has augmented biodiversity and provided a natural feeding source in countless aquariums. Its species specific packaging and tropical nature assure a solid starter culture for captive marine environments.Click images on left for larger views.


Tisbe sp.
Harpacticoid copepod, Tisbe sp. are ideal tropical copepods to recharge refugia. Commonly used in aquaculture, ZOO2 Tisbe was introduced in 2005 being the first retail tropical copepod.

Pseudocyclops sp.
An amazing Calanoida copepod schminkei sp. was described by our copepod cultavist. Swarming behavior and a totally tropical nature defines this specimen. Making them ideal for natural reef feeding & cultivation.

Tigriopus sp.
While not a tropical copepod Tigrioupus californicus has been useful with finicky eaters and stimulating coral. ZOO2's lab cultured Tigriopus sp. are smaller and more nutritious than their larger wild cousins.

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