Aqua Dreams - Cultured Deco Live Rock

live rockEnvironmentally Sound collection practices protect the reefs.  Our live rock is calcium-based limestone rock that is put in the ocean for 9-10 years and then harvested by hand in small batches, leaving existing reefs and rock beds intact and undisturbed.  Most other live rock is out of water for days after harvesting, causing much of the life, including the coralline algae, to die.  This is why some live rock looks like pale gray or white concrete.  Come to our retail store or ORDER ONLINE and see the difference, the quality is clear.  Just ask the hundreds of customers who have this beautiful live rock in their aquariums.   Caution: always purchase a protein skimmer to remove dissolved organics and a high output lighting system to bring out the colors and life in your live rock.  Each piece is wrapped in wet newspaper (or paper towel,) and plastic prior to transport in temperature controlled containers, ensuring that 90% of the life on the rock remains intact upon arrival.  Many of the sponges, corals, clams, tubeworms, urchins, snails, tunicates and other invertebrates will thrive in your aquarium if given the proper conditions and nutrition.

live rock prior to culturingThis is what the rock looks like prior to culturing.  Calcium carbonate (limestone) based rock is harvested from ancient, now dry reefs in the Caribbean.  The rock is then placed in the ocean, 20 miles off-shore in pristine waters where marine life forms will begin to populate and colonize the rock.  On average, it takes 7-8 years to become quality live rock.  The rock is then recollected, leaving existing ocean rock and reefs intact.

large chunk of live rock Here's a 15-20 Lb. chunk that will become a beautiful live rock showpiece after culturing.  The bright purple and pink coralline algae and other marine organisms will cover the entire piece, but it will take some time. 

live rock curing tubsCuring tubs for the freshly collected cultured live rock.  Rock is Pre-cured in ocean water filled tubs prior to rinsing, packaging, and shipping.

Each piece is carefully selected from the curing tubs.  Great care is taken in packaging and handling, since the rock can be very fragile and sharp.  Each piece is wrapped in wet newspaper and sealed in plastic prior to shipping. 

  Note:  When buying this rock on our website, it will be shipped from the collection station directly to you.  Shipping can take 1-3 days.  Some die-off during this time is normal.  CLICK HERE TO PLACE YOUR ONLINE ORDER.  We do not recommend placing freshly shipped rock into an established aquarium with fish and corals.  Cure the rock in a separate tank, container, or bucket with vigorous water circulation and protein skimming prior to placing in established aquarium.   When purchasing in our retail store, the rock is mostly cured and the short drive home will not create any problems.  Any questions about this process please contact us prior to purchasing.  Never expose the rock to freshwater.


live rock ready for the aquariumThe finished product!  Encrusting sponges, Halimeda macro-algaes, coralline algaes, and a bright green Rose Coral have colonized this exceptional piece. 






A freshly unpacked delivery of aqua-cultured live rock at our facility in Feeding Hills, Massachusetts.   Not only is our live rock beautiful but it is a very healthy foundation for a natural reef aquarium.