Aqua Dreams About Us

Aqua Dreams has been serving clients and hobbyists since 1991.   We specialize in marine fish, corals, frags, invertebrates, live rock, as well as freshwater fish & plants.  With two locations to serve you, Feeding Hills, MA & Canton, CT, you're sure to find something unique for your aquarium in our stores.  We have an extensive selection of high-quality frozen aquarium foods like you will find no where else.  We offer our clients with reef aquariums the option of purchasing reverse osmosis deionized  water directly from our state-of-the-art high powered filtration unit, to ensure no unwanted nutrients or toxins from the public water supply enter into their ecosystems.  We offer free in-store water testing for all of our customers, plus in store or online sales of products and livestock. Our Service division installs  & maintains aquariums in many area hospitals, offices, and residences. We own & operate InfinityReefs for online livestock purchases for customers who do not live near our stores.  Our experienced staff specializes in saltwater aquarium water analysis and trouble shooting for our clients.

We employ efficient protein-skimming, segregated fish cubicles, vigorous aeration, and high-powered U.V. sterilizers on our fish holding systems to ensure optimal water quality for all of marine fish and invertebrates.   We purchase only hand-caught well handled fish from the worlds finest suppliers and collectors.  Our extensive acclimation and observation screening processes assure our customers will receive a perfect specimen every time  Rest assured you will not find better livestock anywhere in the marketplace.

We have the expertise you need when designing an aquarium display for your home or office.  Whether free-standing or built-in, Aqua Dreams design team can flawlessly attend to every detail of your project from design and consultation to installation and maintenance of the display.

Quite simply, we carry affordable products that work, and we stand behind them.  From test kits to foods, circulation pumps to cleaning magnets, protein skimmers to lighting systems, Aqua Dreams staff can help you select the right products for your aquarium at affordable prices.  We don't just sell products, we help assess the needs of our clients and offer solutions.  Put our expertise to work for you and watch your aquarium thrive.

Aqua Dreams is extensively involved in educating children about the preservation of the ocean and its delicate marine life through our in-school hands-on programs and mobile marinelife demonstrations.  Contact us for more information. Aqua Dreams is actively involved with are reef clubs and often attends events and seminars to advance the hobby of aquarium keeping in the technology age.  Aqua Dreams donates regularly to area clubs and displays at area reef club events all over the New England area.