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 " I highly recommend Aqua Dreams for anyone from a beginner to an expert reef aquarist.  Whether you are looking for LPS, SPS or soft corals, Aqua Dreams has a vast selection as well as a loaded coral frag tank and a great selection of freshwater fish, saltwater fish, aquariums and supplies. If you cannot visit their store or are looking for high-quality aquarium equipment, supplies, or WYSISWG rare corals, I highly recommend ordering from their website. If you are looking for expert advise, awesome livestock and supplies, Aqua Dreams is a must."  -- M.C.

  "Not only does Aqua Dreams have a passionate, knowledgable staff, but they have the goods!! If I'm looking for something hard to obtain, rare, or just something that I can't find somewhere else, they order it and I buy it. I have yet to find another specialty aquarium store such as this. Every time I go in, there is something new, and I am consistently blown away by their selection in corals. I've never seen so many brain corals and in so many different colors and varieties. I always feel like a kid in a candy store when I am there! " -- J.G.

  "Gorgeous store, fair prices and friendly knowledgeable staff. I highly recommend it for saltwater.  -- L.D.

  "I visited Aqua Dreams today and must say that I really enjoyed it! The coral selection is huge! If you are a coral fanatic, you need to come here. The staff was friendly and helpful. They even had rare fish like the Purple Tang. I will definitely be coming back!! I would definitely recommend the store, no matter how far away you live, it is sooo worth the trip."  -- M.A. 

 "I would just like to take a minute to thank you and your staff for all your help and generosity you’ve given me on starting my reef tank in the last 4 months. I truly believe I wouldn’t be where I am today with my tank if it wasn’t for Aqua Dreams. Being new to the hobby, I have gone to other local fish stores and not so local just to see what others had to offer and I got to tell you that nobody’s corals and fish even come close to what you sell in your store. You truly sell nothing but beautiful and quality stuff at Aqua Dreams. You really take pride in your business and it shows.  I would recommend Aqua Dreams to anyone, knowing they wouldn’t be disappointed." -- B.A. 

 "After more than 20 years keeping tropical fish, the Aqua Dreams staff has helped me accomplish my life-long dream of a saltwater tank.  From the very first visit, my questions were answered completely and the on-line support with my many questions has been phenomenal.  The selection of fish, inverts and corals is awesome. I can't say enough good things and plan to continue my visits and purchases for many years to come.  Thank you Aqua Dreams!" -- M.H. 

"The staff at Aqua Dreams has been a big help in getting me started with a saltwater aquarium. To take on a tank at first seemed like a big responsibility but with the right planning it seems like it can require little maintenance.  The article http://aqua-dreams.com/pages/saltwater-101 was a big help.  Basically everything is there.  You have to read it a few times to sink in.  The other articles on algae control, acclimation , water changes are equally valuable.  

"At first I came to the store just to look around and get ideas.  It was a little overwhelming because there seem like there are so many questions that need to be answered. At that point I went home and started planning.  I emailed with the staff many times to put together a quote.  Their level of detail was perfect.  In the end there were no surprises.  I am a very happy owner of a 60 gallon cube aquarium that *will be* the home for corals, seahorses and other gentle tank creatures. There is so much to learn and it is great to have Aqua Dreams staff around for the help!"  -- S.G. 

"I've been all over the northeast visiting retail aquarium stores, and also stores in Florida and California in previous years. I'm an expert level hobbyist with over 40 years of hobby and commercial aquaculture experience. I've been a customer of Aqua Dreams for eight years, since 2006. I've purchased more corals and marine fish here than from any other retailer. Aqua Dreams has an excellent selection of healthy corals, fish and invertebrates. You will find good advice and reasonably priced supplies. The freshwater section is small and geared toward local customers. The fish are healthy. The marine live goods selection is one of the several largest in the northeast, possibly the largest for corals in New England. This is a destination for people to travel to from all over the northeast to purchase corals and other sea creatures. The hard goods selection is small, but this is partially because they will not waste your money on goofy supplements you do not need or sell you cheap quality junk that does not last. Aqua Dreams has a good sense of which equipment, from lighting to protein skimmers, etc., is the best choice to use in terms of efficiency and durability." -- A.W.

"You have a great store and I wish that you guys were closer! This area is in desperate need of a quality saltwater store. Thanks to you and your coworker for being so welcoming and helpful. I will definitely spread the word and I'll talk to you soon!" -- J.C.

"Great coral selection , reasonable prices and knowledgeable friendly staff" -- H.R.

"Staff is always willing to help and most importantly, to listen. The selection is vast and if they don't sell it, they sure can get it. They will give you advice and everything they have in store they have use it themselves or is currently being use on their display tanks." -- J.C.

"One of my new favorite places! I drove an hour on a suggestion that I should check out this place. I'm glad I did! The small space is MORE than made up for in quality of products and customer service! I was greeted and helped from the moment I walked in the door. The biggest surprise came from Jack, the young son of the owner. He was super knowledgeable and helpful and explained to me why what he suggested to me would be a great selection. Features/benefits! I ended up spending more money than I had planned on due to purchasing so many things but felt completely comfortable with my decision after working with Jack. I will def be making trips back there and suggest you do as well! Thank you guys!"  - M.B.

"The difference is the people . They know what they sell. I went in at closing time the young fellow working there talked to me never rushed me out of there,answered all my questioned and welcomed me back. I will go back....Thats the way you build customers oh also I didn't miss the smell from the other store." -- G.R.

"After dealing with Aqua Dreams for almost a year now we have nothing but great things to say about the staff and selection of products. We are on our third reef tank
and if it wasn't for the staff taking the time to discuss the pros, cons and ups and downs that can go with the hobby/lifestyle. Everything we have purchased seems to be priced accordingly especially not having to pay for shipping. The fish inverts and corals have all been in great shape, and if you listen to their advice you will do great in this hobby. All in all if you are thinking about getting into the hobby DEFINATELY check out Aqua Dreams and do not be afraid to ask questions they will answer them, it might not always be the answer you were expecting but it will be honest and helpful"  -- B.B.

"once you get inside you are welcomed by the most friendly people who work there and the owner is amazing.  I love the selection of beautiful corals and assortment of fish. 
Every time I go I love seeing the large scale fish tanks, they are clean and just lovely to look at. The place is clean and I go there almost every week with my family for items and products for my fish tank that I need.  I love Aqua Dreams and have a pleasurable shopping experience each time I go and the fish are treated by the staff with love and extra care." -- A.R.

"I purchased two large Carpet anemones from Aqua dreams and they were great to work with.  They watched the weather, gave great advice on the best shipping method, and delivered two extremely healthy gigantea carpets as advertised.  They went out of their way with pictures and videos to make me feel comfortable with my purchase." -- D.P., Houston TX

"Awesome place, great selection, no corals like Aqua Dreams' in the are. Staff is always willing to help and most importantly, to listen. The selection is vast and if they don't sell it, they sure can get it. They will give you advice and everything they have in store they have use it themselves or is currently being use on their display tanks. Make sure you stop by before your next purchase, you'll be blown away. The prices are very fair and they have a website too, it can't get better than that." -- J.C.

"Can't wait to get my Red Sea reef system set up and running. Thank you for all the time you took to get me back up to speed. The store always stocks the highest quality livestock. Friendly, more than fair, and honest is what I can say for Aqua Dreams and the staff at the store. Thanks again for all of the help".  -- A.G.

 "I love coming to aqua dreams. I have been a customer for 4 years now I wish I had found this place a long time ago. I have never come across such a beautiful store. I know it's small but the place is packed from top to bottom. Beautiful corals and super healthy fish. These guys know ow what they are doing, ask them anything to want and need to know and they will tell what you need to know.
Thanks again" -- W.G.