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Tiger Sand Conch (Strombus Conch)

Tiger Sand Conch (Strombus Conch)

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Tiger Sand Conch (Strombus species) make wonderful aquarium sand cleaners/sifters.  They benefit a reef aquarium by burrowing and plowing through the sand, aerating and cleaning as they go.  They are great at removing detritus and oxygenating the dead spots, helping to eliminate red or green slime algae. They will stir and clean upper layers of the sand bed, removing diatoms, slime, detritus, and most other unwanted debris or algae settlilng on the sand. Sold at 1.5-2" size.

  • useful for sand cleaning capabilities
  • helps keep sand white by constantly "plowing" through the top layer of sand
  • eats and removes slime algaes
  • only 1 per 25 gallons of tank capacity required.  Double for dirty tanks

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