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Aqua Dreams

TechnoFlo Bio200 Filter

TechnoFlo Bio200 Filter

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For Tanks up to 150 gal
flow rate: 200 gal/hr
750 liters/hr

The waterfall style output from the filter agitates the surface while creating beneficial currents throughout the entire volume of the aquarium. Both the surface agitation and water current bring more water molecules to the surface in physical contact with the atmosphere, enabling them to release carbon dioxide and replenish oxygen more efficiently.

The aquarium power filters are designed to fully exploit the benefits of removing aquarium waste, both mechanically and biologically, to produce debris free and clear water.


  • Excellent bio-filtering
  • High flo-rates
  • High quality construction
  • Quiet operation
  • Strong impellor magnets
  • Economical energy usage
  • U.L. listed - 5 models
  • Beautiful color packages
  • Filter cartridges available
  • Sold through independent retailers only!
  • Guaranteed one year from date of purchase
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