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Aqua Dreams

Sicce SCUBA Contactless Aquarium Heater

Sicce SCUBA Contactless Aquarium Heater

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Innovative heater range equipped with PATENTED "contactless" temperature electronic control.  The easiest and most immediate way to set the temperature of the heater.  Free APP to record and precisely set the water temperature as needed.  Full range from 50 Watt up to 400 Watt.  Adjustable from 35°C/95°F to 15°C/59°F with precision tolerance of ± 2°F / 1°C.e.

Key Features

  • 5 Year Warranty
  • Submersible 
  • Thermo-Safety Shut Off
  • High Thermal Density Shatter Resistant Glass

Key Features








Aquarium capacity

10-15 US gal

40-60 L

20-35 US gal

80-130 L

31-45 US gal

120-180 L

40-60 US gal

150-230 L

53-75 US gal

200-280 L

65-90 US gal

250-350 L

80-125 US gal

300-480 L


50 W

100 W

150 W

200 W

250 W

300 W

400 W

Cable length

7.3 ft - 2,2 m

HIGHLY ACCURATE THERMOSTAT WITH ELECTRONIC CONTROL. The temperature can be set up, regulated and checked directly on your phone in the ContrAll app.

Thermo safety shut-off.

Strong suction cups to keep the heater in place.

Strong suction cups to keep the heater in place.

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