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SeaSide Aquatics

Seaside Aquatics Suction Acrylic Fish Trap

Seaside Aquatics Suction Acrylic Fish Trap

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Easily traps fish from reef aquariums without nets or dismantling of the live rock.

Simply place the acrylic trap in the water, suction cup to the side wall of aquarium and secure the door in an open position

The feeding tube at the top of the trap should be above the water level. 

Place food into the tube, as the food drops into the nearly-invisible box underwater, the fish will swim into the box to eat the food, simply drop the door once the desired fish is in the box

It is helpful to place the box into the tank hours prior to collecting the fish, as they will become more used to it.  Divert water flow away from the trap's entrance so the food is not removed by aquarium current

2-sizes available 

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