Aquatic Life Classic Reverse Osmosis DI Unit  100 gpd

Aquatic Life Classic Reverse Osmosis DI Unit 100 gpd

  • 19999
  • Save $5000

The RO Junior provides up to 100 GPD of economically filtered Reverse Osmosis water, removing harmful substances such as heavy metal ions and total dissolved solids from tap water. 



  • Manual flush valve allows user to increase membrane life
  • Clear micron cartridge housing makes it easy to view when cartridge should be replaced
  • Auto shut-off valve stops incoming water supply when outflow is turned off
  • Wrenches make it easy to access the cartridge and membrane housings
  • Garden hose adapter make it easy to connect to a faucet
  • 0.25 IN Buddy-Fit™ Press Fit Connectors simplify plumbing
  • 0-160 PSI gauge provides a pressure reading of the supply water
  • 10 FT x 0.5 IN of each Blue, Yellow and Red Polyethylene Tubing helps with plumbing setup
  • Built-in wall mount bracket allows the unit to be hung and secured in place
  • Easily upgrade by adding the optional Deionization (DI) unit that attaches to the membrane housing
  • Includes 1 Micron Pre-filter, Solid Carbon Block, Catalytic GAC cartridges and TFC membrane



  • Minimum water pressure:  40 PSI
  • Maximum water pressure:  80 PSI
  • Optimal water temperature: 77*F (25*C)
  • Maximum water temperature:  105*F (40.5*C)
  • Typical rejection rate: 1:4