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Aqua Dreams



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Efficient - Quiet - Ergonomic

High-performance REEF-SPEC® skimmers:
Designed with hobbyists needs in mind the highly effective flow dynamics of the REEFER™ Skimmer will maintain an optimal ORP (REDOX) level of over 350mv, a level that is normally associated with ozone treatment


  • Ergonomic diffusion chamber evenly disperses the fine bubbles created by the PSK pump across the skimmer cone, without reducing air or water flow.
  • Quiet operation, with vibration absorbing components and a large air intake silencer.
  • 3 assembly options for flexible positioning of the pump inlet and regulation valve, according to your sump.
  • Foam-View window in the collection cup to easily monitor and adjust the foam height.
  • Built-in manual neck cleaner.
  • Precision geared valve for positive flow regulation.
  • Quick release pump holder for ease of maintenance.
  • Drainage port with 1m valved hoses


High Performance:
Highly effective flow dynamics that will maintain an optimal ORP (REDOX) level of over 350mv in your aquarium- a level of water quality that is normally associated with ozone treatment.

Quiet operation:
By padding all of the friction points and adding a robust air silencer, REEFER™ Skimmers provide super quiet operation.

Easy cleaning and operation
REEFER™ Skimmers feature a built-in manual neck cleaner which significantly improves foam production and keeps the skimmer running at top performance at all times.

Unique FoamView™ window, along with a precision-geared valve, allows you to clearly see and adjust the foam level in the collection cup whenever needed.
Quick-release pump holder and an extra-long, valved waste hose for easy maintenance.

Versatile set-up
3 different assembly options allow you to position the venturi inlet, the regulator and the foam view window exactly where you want within the sump, for maximum convenience.
RSK - 300 RSK - 600 RSK - 900
SPS (L) 300 600 900
MIXED Reef (L) 600 1200 1800
Fish Only (L) 900 1800 2700
Pump (Sicce) PSK-600 PSK-1000 PSK-1200
True air flow (lph) 500 750 900
Water flow (lph) 1000 1500 2000
Height (inches) 20-3/4 22 23-1/4
Space required
(L x W) inches
9-3/4 x 7 11-1/2 x 8-1/4 12-1/2 x 9-1/2
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