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Red Sea

Red Sea Alkalinity Pro Test Kit

Red Sea Alkalinity Pro Test Kit

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* Choose the easier way to measure reef aquarium alkalinity (Carbonate Hardness level)
* Innovative new Red Sea exclusive alkalinity titration test you can use with one hand
* Test alkalinity levels in coral reef aquariums quickly and accurately


Achieve accurate alkalinity titration test results with just one hand! The innovative Red Sea Alkalinity Pro Test Kit lets you enjoy hassle-free titration (color change) testing. Thanks to a clever patent-pending single hand titrator, cumbersome titration testing is now simpler than ever. Say goodbye to the old-fashion method of adding and mixing a titrant with sample water containing reagents.

Red Sea Alkalinity Pro Test Kit boasts a new level of convenience for reef aquarium hobbyists. Routine and precise measurement of aquarium alkalinity (buffer) levels is essential for successful coral reef aquariums. This advanced alkalinity titration test kit encourages proper testing skills with ease-of-use and a high degree of accuracy (±0.025meq/l - 0.07dKH).

Included quick guide card walks you through the testing process with simple, easy-to-understand illustrations. Reverse features a chart that displays alkalinity test results in meq/l (milli-equivalents per liter) and in dKH (degrees of Carbonate Hardness). Measure and monitor alkalinity levels with Red Sea Alkalinity Pro Test Kit to ensure ideal water parameters for coral reef aquariums housing SPS, LPS and Soft Corals. 75 Tests, accuracy of ±0.025meq/l - 0.07dKH.

Includes a 100ml Sample of Red Sea Reef Foundation B, a carbonate and buffer complex for balanced formation of coral skeleton.


  • Titrator
  • Instruction Manual
  • Color Card
  • Syringe 10ml
  • Titrant - 75ml
  • 100ml Sample of Reef Foundation B

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