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Aqua Dreams

Precision Marine R36 Pro-Plus Refugium

Precision Marine R36 Pro-Plus Refugium

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 36x18x15  2- 7" filter socks

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Precision Marine Pro Series Refugiums offers additional features to our Classic Series Refugiums.

The Pro Series utilize the Precision Marine Quiet-Flow system to route incoming water from the tank into an isolated chamber to capture and control any turbulence and direct that gentle flow of water into the micron bags for 100% mechanical filtration.

What Separates Precision Marine from the Competition

~ The Pro Series Difference ~

ALL ¼” Thick Domestic Cell-Cast Acrylic Construction

We do not use .177 or .220 Acrylic on dividers or any other parts!

⅜” Thick Custom Machined, Acrylic Micron Bag Bracket - Micron Bags Sit Flush in Bracket

Heavy-Duty ½” Thick Polypropylene Lid Over Micron bags

USA Made Micron Bags

Optional ½” Thick Polypropylene Pump Chamber Cover

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