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Fluval Spec 2.6 Gal aquarium Kit

Fluval Spec 2.6 Gal aquarium Kit

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The Fluval Spec is the ideal desktop aquarium that combines style and functionality into one small package. The unique Nano design features frosted glass to conceal the integrated filtration system. Its integrated 3 stage filtration and powerful LED lighting, including 31 lights for bright Illumination, exceeds expectations from an aquarium this size.

Capacity: 2.6 U.S. gal
Dimensions: 10" x 9.25" x 7.25"

Though small in stature, the SPEC is big on features.

The desktop aquarium kit comes with a powerful circulation pump with adjustable output nozzle and a large 3-stage filtration system that provides more than enough filtration for exceedingly clean and clear water.

The aquarium comes with all the necessary filter media: a porous foam pad, activated carbon, and BioMax Bio rings for effective and thorough mechanical, chemical, and biological filtration.

The pump and filtration system are conveniently located in a separate chamber at the back of the aquarium, simplifying maintenance.

In addition, it includes more than ample LED lighting (consisting of 31 powerful LED lamps) that conveniently arcs above the aquarium to provide brilliant illumination for plants and décor.Features include:

 2 US Gal Glass Aquarium with Molded Cover
 Circulation Pump with Output Nozzle (40 GPH )
 LED Lighting System
 Safe, Low Voltage Transformer
 Oversized 3 stage filtration with removal handle for easy maintenance:

The Fluval Spec is a truly unique and curious little nano aquarium.  Sitting a mere 10 inches tall and just 2 Gallons/7.6 Liters, the Spec presents some intriguing opportunities for both the beginner and expert aquarist. Equipped with a custom filter and LED lighting, the Fluval Spec will support various small species of fish, shrimp, and live plants.

Unlike the other new Fluval Nano aquariums with separate internal submersible filters, the Spec’s filter is fully integrated into the back wall of the aquarium. Featuring a full, 3 stage filtration chamber with coarse foam, carbon, and Biomax, the overflow-style filter provides mechanical, chemical, and biological filtration. A powerful circulation pump (150 LPH/39.6 GPH) moves water through the media providing unparalleled water quality and clarity in a tank of its size. Frosted glass further conceals the filtration components from view on the sides of the aquarium.

The Fluval Spec features a sleek, round pendant LED light, which outputs a pleasant full spectrum natural daylight, ideal for growing small plants alongside your tank inhabitants.

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