Bubble magus QQ Nano Protein Skimmer

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Bubble Magus NAC Nano QQ Skimmer includes SP-600 pump

Bubble Magus NAC QQ Protein Skimmer 

Hanging needlewheel protein skimmer

Capability : 100L(25G)

Pump : Bubble Magus SP-600

Pump power : 8.5W, 120V 60Hz

Dimensions: ( 5.5″ * 3.7″ * 15.5 “) cylinder: 2.7″ Water Level :9.8″-10″

Skimmer hangs internally on the aquarium or sump rim. Fits in 32 gal Bio-cube aquariums that have the original lid removed.  The collection cup will stick up too high to use on a bio-cube with closed lid, but the diameter fits in the filtration area of the bio-cube.