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Amquel Plus Water Conditioner

Amquel Plus Water Conditioner

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  • AmQuel Plus is a unique water conditioner providing actions needed for safe aquarium and pond keeping for fishes and invertebrates (snails, shrimp, coral reef animals, etc.) in fresh, brackish, and salt water
  • nontoxic and saves on the need for as many water changes as would otherwise be required
  • detoxifies chlorines including those chlorines in chloramines
  • detoxifies all of the kinds of toxic nitrogen compounds in the water
  • detoxifies all forms of ammonia/ammonium/nitrites/nitrates from the water, including ammonia in chloramines
  • detoxifies toxic pheromones
  • does not affect the water's pH (acidity/basicity)
  • does not interfere with the beneficial nitrifying bacteria or their food sources
  • does not interfere with the beneficial sludge-removing bacteria or their food sources
  • is completely amine-free
  • is fully compatible with NovAqua Plusand is recommended for use together in aquarium and pond water keeping
  • is safe to use with other water conditioners and organic herbal fish medications
  • is not affected by filtration or activated carbon filters
  • Made in U.S.A. by Kordon LLC
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