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Algone - Water Clarifier and Nitrate remover

Algone - Water Clarifier and Nitrate remover

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Algone - Water Clarifier and Nitrate remover 


For small to medium aquariums

Creates crystal-clear water

Safe for aquatic plants 

Reduces Unwanted Algae

Clears cloudy water

Reef recommended

Clears Green Water

Algone protects and enhances bio-availability of trace elements, assimilates organic and in-organic pollutants and toxins, energizes microbial activity, corrects nutrient imbalances, breaks down carbohydrates, protein, fat and other water pollutants, and restores the chemical and biological balance of the aquarium.

Safe for fish, plants, algae eaters, snails, coral, live rock, polyps, invertebrates, etc.

Algone enhances the environment of oxidizing (nitrifying) bacteria and promotes a higher dissolved oxygen content in the aquarium.

Two Size Pouches available, small and large.  Each package contains 6 pouches.  Choose pouch size

  • Sm Size Contains 6 pouches – Treats 330 gallons
  • Sm Size Use in tanks 5 - 125 gallons 
  • Lg Size Contains 6 pouches – Treats 1200 gallons
  • Lg Size Use in tanks 125 gallons and up


Algone clears cloudy aquarium water and removes nitrates so you can enjoy a healthy and balanced fish tank with less effort!

Algone is a filter supplement used to solve and prevent common aquarium problems. The Algone pouch fits any filter system and can be used in fresh and saltwater aquariums, including sensitive reef and plant tanks. All natural Algone is used to clear cloudy aquarium water, remove excess nitrates and ammonia from the fish tank, and to polish the water to a crystal clear sparkle. The water balancing properties of Algone create a healthy aquatic environment in which fish, plants, corals, invertabrates, etc thrive.

Clear Cloudy Aquarium Water

Algone purifies water by utilizing enzymes that break down waste into insoluble complex structures.

Biopolymers polish the water and remove dissolved organic and inorganic pollutants. The result is always crystal clear water.

Often due to overfeeding, harmful substances like organic and inorganic pollutants will accumulate resulting in soft water, low oxygen levels and a crashing pH in consequence. Sudden redox changes will promote algae growth.

Pollutants can not be avoided, but can be removed and inhibited as part of aquarium maintenance with Algone.

Aquarium Nitrate Removal

Algone safely removes and retains nitrates, nitrites, and ammonia. Microorganisms incorporate nitrogen into their cellular mass, while polyelectrolytes assimilate nitrogen directly from the water column. 

This greatly benefits all aquarium inhabitants. Ammonia is highly toxic and lethal at any level. Rising and persistent nitrate levels cause issues with sensitive organisms and species, fish, plants, corals, invertebrates, etc.

Algone not only removes but also prevents nitrates and ammonia from negatively impacting the aquarium.

Algone Simplifies Aquarium Maintenance and Fish Tank Care

Algone simplifies maintenance by removing nitrates, ammonia and other pollutants from the water.

Nitrates are a gauge for the water quality. Increasing levels adversely effect the aquatic environment and indicate excess waste in the fish tank.

Keeping nitrates low in combination with the removal of other impurities, pollutants, dissolved organics, and dissolved organics is a vital part of maintenance.

Maintenance with Algone solves and prevents many problems related to poor water quality!

A Balanced Aquarium Results in a Healthy & Sparkling Clear Fish Tank

Algone creates and maintains a balanced aquarium, providing a healthy environment for fish and other tank inhabitants.

Most diseases are the result of deteriorating water quality which causes stress on the fish. Stress weakens the immune system and thins the protective slime coat of fish. Both cause an increase in the fish’s vulnerability toward disease that could have otherwise easily been averted.

Reducing nitrates, pollutants, dissolved organics, and other harmful substances with Algone is an organic approach eliminating the need for chemicals.

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