Seaside Aquatics - Collapsible Acclimation Box & Refugium

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Useful Acrylic Must-Have for reef & saltwater hobbyists.  A multitude of potential uses include

  • acclimation box for new fish, protects new fish rom aggressive tank mates
  • safe haven for stressed or ill fish
  • temporary holding area for aggressive crab or fish
  • design an in-sump or in-tank refugium for chaetomorpha by simply adding a light
  • a growth area for copepods
  • train your clownfish to go into a sea anemone by placing inside box.
  • Fish trap with easy-drop door.
  • Fish breeding
  • allows for water and oxygen to enter but fish remain confined until ready to release

Dimensions: 4"x6.75"x7.12"

Door Opening: 2.5"x4.12"

Mounting Thickness: 0.625 (5/8th)