TrueLumen Pro Nano Retrofit LED Kit

TrueLumen Pro Nano Retrofit LED Kit

  • 17999
  • Save $12000


Minimal presence...maximum performance

  • Incredible shimmer effects & color rendition
  • Easy-to-install & retrofit
  • Ultra-bright, energy efficient LEDs

See your nano-aquarium in a way you never imagined. This simple to install LED retrofit is nothing short of amazing. Specifically designed for all-in-one aquariums, the TrueLumenPro Nano-Retrofit Kit is a perfect LED lighting solution for nano-aquariums. Producing amazing shimmer effects and stunning color rendition, your about to experience your nano-reef in a completely amazing way.

Two powerful LED strips - Marine Fusion (12,000K white and 453nm blue) & Deepwater Blue (453nm Blue) cast a brilliant spectrum of light energy for reef inhabitants. You’ll see incredible shimmer effects while making colors pop in your fish and corals. With a simple turn of a dial, you can independently adjust the brightness of each color spectrum, providing cool dawn/dusk effects and moonlighting. The extruded aluminum housing is extremely low profile, making them a perfect fit in almost any all-in-one hood. Easy-to-install, simply remove your old fluorescent lamps and retrofit the LED strips directly to reflector using the included swivel brackets. Water resistant and low voltage, they are super safe and completely silent (no cooling fan.)

TrueLumenPro Nano-Retrofit kits are designed to fit inside most all-in-one aquariums and provide the perfect light spectrum for marine fish and mixed reef nano-aquariums.

Each TrueLumenPro Nano-Retrofit Kit includes a 12” Marine Fusion LED striplight (1), 12” Deepwater Actinic Blue striplight (1), adjustable aluminum tank docking mounts(4), canopy swivel brackets with mounting hardware (4), (2) inline dimmers with on/off switch, UL transformer(1) and instructions.

  • 1 - TrueLumen Pro LED Striplight (Marine Fusion - 12K white & 453nm blue)
  • 1 - TrueLumen Pro LED Striplight (Deepwater Blue - 453nm blue)
  • 4 - Aluminum Mounting Brackets
  • 4 - Swivel Canopy Brackets
  • 2 - Inline Dimmer - with ON/OFF control
  • 1 - 60Watt 24V Transformer