Hydor Flo - Flow Rotation Device

  • 1999


FLO SYSTEM is a rotating water deflector applicable, with proper adaptors, to the outlet of any pump or filter. Moves the aquarium water increasing oxygenation and surface gas exchange preventing the formation of the “white line” effects.

Connects to the outlet of your powerhead, cannister filter, etc.  

Rotates 360 degrees to create an oxygenated rotating wave of water, eliminating dead spots and increasing overall health of fresh or saltwater tanks by constantly changing flow pattern.

Does not include a pump.  Connects to existing pump or filter outlet pipe.  4 Adapters included to accommodate a wide variety of tubing sizes.  Minimum Flow rate of pump 80GPH.  Maximum flow rate of pump 310 GPH.

Add multiple Hydor Flo's to all the circulation pumps in your reef tank to create constantly changing waves and flow patterns!