Eshopps Snow Cone Protein Skimmer

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The Snow Cone Skimmers are affordable cone-shaped skimmer that boasts compact design, has a silent operation and power to remove dissolved aquarium waste. Eshopps has innovative approaches to skimmer design by installing the silent-running Italian Sicce pump inside the waste-concentrating cone-shaped reaction chamber. The bubble plate within the reaction chamber enhances the cone-shaped design to concentrate protein-skimming bubbles and more bubbles mean better removal of dissolved protein and organic waste materials. Its unique design features a powerful in-sump snow cone skimmer with a space-saving footprint.


  • Needle-wheel Impeller
  • Removable Collection Cup
  • Bubble Plate
  • Slant neck
  • Sicce Italy Pump
  • Quiet Operation


Item # Model Diameter Total
Pump use Tank Usage
18040 S-120 5" 17" 7"x6" SE-200 40-120g Tank
18050 S-150 6" 20" 9"x8" PSK-600 Up to 150g Tank
18100 S-200 8" 21" 10"x9.5" PSK-1000 150-250g Tank
18110 S-300 9" 22" 14"x11" PSK-1200 250-350g Tank