Ecoxotic Panorama Actinic Blue Led Striplight Kit 24", 36" & 48"

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Panorama Actinic Blue LED Fixtures, 24", 36", or 48", choose your size from the drop down menu (allow 7-10 days for shipping & handling)

Nature has selected for it, so should you.

It’s a well known fact that blue light penetrates the furthest in the ocean; coral have naturally selected for this wavelength as a source of energy.  Having a predominant peak wavelength of 445 nm the Panorama Actinic Blue provides your corals the spectrum for producing visually stunning colors and wavelength nature has selected for energy and growth.



           High PAR for increased coral growth & color

           Dimmable, adjustable intensity

           Complete system, includes all accessories

           Cool, silent, ultra-safe low voltage, water resistant

          Sleek, low profile

           50% more efficient than comparable T5 HO systems

A Coral-Color-Popping-Shimmer-Machine

Lets face it, you want your corals to “POP” just like you have seen in photos. Now you can enjoy the rich colors your coral have been keeping from you. The intense shimmering blue stimulates the natural vibrant fluorescent colors in coral and fish creating a whole new visual dimension.

Color it up and Keep it Colored Up!

Adding the proper amount and type of blue light is known to be the one of the most important ingredients to getting your corals to color up and stay colored up. Due to the high levels of PAR in the Panorama Actinic Blue, achieving lasting vibrant coloration in your corals has never been easier.

Dawn, Dusk, Moon (Mood) Lighting

Why limit your aquarium experience to just dawn and dusk lighting? With the simple turn of a dial you can adjust the intensity of the Panorama Actinic Blue to create eye popping mood setting effects and slowly acclimate corals to your new lighting.


Water resistant, low voltage, and mercury-free keeps the Panorama Marine safe for you, your fish and the environment.

Out of the Box Equipped
Place it directly on your aquarium, or to the inside of your canopy. All of the necessary hardware from brackets to dimmer make the Panorama Actinic Blue a "True Blue Solution".



Model             Dimensions              Watts              #LED

9243               22.75”x1.75”x1”        25                    20

9249               34.75”x1.75”x1”        35                    30

9255               46.75”x1.75”x1”        50                    40