Coralife T5 Lunar Aqualight

  • 24999
  • Save $4000

Lunar Aqualight High Output T5 Fixtures include four high output lamps and directional LED moonlights making these fixtures a great choice for saltwater reef tanks. The directional LEDs can be positioned to add a shimmering moonlight accent over a specific area in your tank or the LEDs can be set to provide a more even distribution of moonlight.

  • 4 H.O. T5 Lamps Included
  • 2 each 10,000K and Actinic
  • Directional Moonlight LEDs  (24", 30", 36" fixtures include 2 LEDs and 48" fixture includes 4 LEDs)
  • Separate Power Cords for Daylight lamps, Actinic lamps, and Moonlight LEDs
  • Quick disconnect ballasts and cooling fan
  • Adjustable mounting brackets Powder Coated Aluminum Housing
  • Acrylic Splash Guard


Description Dimensions UPC Code Item No Hi-res Image
LUNAR AQUALIGHT HIGH OUTPUT T5 FIXTURE 24" L24 x W9.5 x H2.5 96316086043 08604 Download 08604.jpg
LUNAR AQUALIGHT HIGH OUTPUT T5 FIXTURE 30" L30 x W9.5 x H2.5 96316086050 08605 Download 08605.jpg
LUNAR AQUALIGHT HIGH OUTPUT T5 FIXTURE 36" L36 x W9.5 x H2.5 96316086067 08606 Download 08606.jpg
LUNAR AQUALIGHT HIGH OUTPUT T5 FIXTURE 48" L48 x W9.5 x H2.5 96316086074 08607 Download 08607.jpg