Agcore Fish Food

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Crumble Bits not Pellets

Conventional Pellets are "cooked" and extruded under high pressure, which results in product degradation.  Agcore products are dried at low temperatures maintaining ingredient integrity.
Fry Powder (.25-.5 mm)
Crude Protein 45%

Herbivore Bits (.5-1 mm)
Crude Protein 36%

Omnivore Bits (2-4 mm)
Crude Protein 44%

Unique Flakes

Competitors "Spirulina" Flakes contain many ingredients and spirulina is not the primary one.  Agcore grows their own Spirulina and created these unique, thick flake that is highly digestible.

100% Spirulina Thick Flake
Crude Protein 60%

Krisp™ Antarctic Krill-Spirulina Flake
Crude Protein 56%
Only Krill, Spirulina and a pinch of Garlic


Carnivore Protein Sticks
Crude Protein 50%
Fast sinking, multiple sizes per box

Herbivore Squares
Crude Protein 36%
Fast sining nutritious squares that take a few minutes for any fish to devour

Koi Snack Sticks
Crude Protein 44%
Nutritious Feed & Snack for Koi & Goldfish