Fluval Mini Power Compact 13watt Clip-On Light

Fluval Mini Power Compact 13watt Clip-On Light

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- Fluval Mini Power Compact Lamp provides high-efficiency lighting specifically designed for small aquariums between 15 to 30 L (3.9 to 7.9 U.S. gal.), including Fluval's EBI Nano Shrimp Habitat and Fluval's Flora Aquatic Plant Kit. 
- Includes a full-spectrum, 13-watt, 6400K compact fluorescent bulb with a high CRI value that mimics natural light, allowing the accurate viewing of plants, invertebrates and fish in their natural colours. 
- It also supports plant growth in small aquariums. 
- The Mini Power Compact Lamp features a highly polished internal reflector for maximum aquarium light level, 2 separate pivotal controls that let you adjust the position of the light vertically and horizontally, and a conveniently-located on/off switch.
- Bracket is easily secured to glass aquariums up to 6mm.
Also Perfect for Refugium Tanks on Reef Aquariums!