New Arrivals Feb 23, 2016

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Angel, Singapore
Angler, RED sm
Anthias, Lyretail Green / TRIO
Blenny, Lawnmower
Blenny, Scooter LG
Butterfly, Copperband
Cardinal, PJ
Cardinal, Ruby Red
Chromis, Black Bar
Chromis, Green
Clownfish, Maroon Md/Lg
Clownfish, Percula/Ocellaris WILD
Goby, Bumble Bee Wheeler
Goby, Orange Diamond
Goby, Randall's
Goby, Sand Sifting Dragon
Hogfish, Coral
Lion, Antennata
Lion, Zebra Dwarf
Mandarins, Blue
Marine Betta
Puffer, Valentini
Puffer, Blue Spot Solandria Lg
Tang, Blue Eye Kole
Tang, Blue Spot Vlaminggi
Tang, Chocolate Md/Lg
Tang, Naso Md
Tang, Naso, Md/Lg
Tang, Sailfin Md
Tang, Sailfin, Sm
Tang, Tomini Sm/Md
Wrasse, Black Leopard
Wrasse, Carpenters Fairy Lg
Wrasse, Checkerboard
Wrasse, Cleaner sm/md
Wrasse, Dragon
Wrasse, Green
Wrasse, Juv Coris Sm
Wrasse, Lubbocks
Wrasse, Melanurus Md/Lg
Wrasse, Pencil -female
Wrasse, Pink Streak / Pink Eye
Wrasse, Royal Male Pencil
Wrasse, Six Line Md/Lg
Wrasse, Six Line sm
Wrasse, Snooty Male
Wrasse, Yellow Banana
Crab, Anemone / White
Anemone, Bubbletip
Anemone, Green neon Bubbletip
Anemone, Long Tentacle Green Md/Lg
Anemone, Long tentacle sm
Anemone, Purple Carpet Ultra (small)
Anemone, Ultra Green Carpet (small)
Crab, Halloween Hermit
Crab, Zebra Reef Hermit
Feather Duster
Sea Hare
Shrimp, Candy Cane Pistol
Shrimp, Coral Banded
Shrimp, Golden Coral Banded
Shrimp, Harlequin Lg
Shrimp, Harlequin Sm/Md
Shrimp, Pistol Tiger
Starfish, Choc Chip
Starfish, Red Linkia
(new arrivals only, we have hundreds and hundreds of other items in stock)

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