Red Sea and Africa fish arrivals, november 23

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  • Yellow tangs
  • chevron tang
  • achilles tang
  • hawaiian Naso tang
  • moorish idols
  • Hawaiian long nose butterfly
  • Red Sea sail fin tang
  • golden heart triggerfish
  • emperor angel
  • purple tangs
  • blue hippo tangs
  • sailfin tangs
  • Blonde Naso tang
  • antennata lion
  • banggai cardinal
  • cleaner wrasse
  • diamond goby
  • Blood shrimp
  • kole yellow eye tang
  • snooty wrasse
  • tennenti surgeon
  • Spotted boxfish
  • flame hawk
  • Exquisite wrasse
  • orange patch wrasse
  • ULTRA RARE AFRICAN ANGELFISH holocanthus Africanus, only 1 available, 3" call 

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  • the toys r us air swimmers aldraey come with Radio control. Much better range than the IR, as I have tried both. Thinking about putting a spy camera on mine, and dropping some putty weight

    Aulia on

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